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We create chemistry – Innovations for the future

A growing need for food, energy and clean water for a booming world population, limited resources and protecting the climate – reconciling all these factors is the greatest challenge of our time. Innovations based on chemistry play a key role here, as they contribute decisively to new solutions.

BASF is one of the world's most innovative companies. Innovations are our wellspring and our driving force.
Our "We create chemistry" strategy is also geared towards innovation: we at BASF are continuously introducing solutions onto the market which significantly contribute to improving quality of life and conserving resources such as water and energy.

For BASF, Innovation is the key to successfully standing out from the crowd in a challenging market environment. Our innovative strength is based on our global team of highly qualified employees with various specializations.

We pursue bold ideas. Partnerships, Collaboration and Open Innovation play an important role in these activities. In a highly diversified, global and international network, new ideas are generated and new impulses are given to research. This is why we involve external partners in our innovation processes and maintain numerous contacts and connections with science and business.

We pursue Open Innovation: together with other innovative organizations, we bundle different competences, develop best practices and work on sustainable products and solutions.

We create chemistry for a sustainable future. Chemistry as a cross-sectional technology plays a key role in addressing future challenges because innovations in the field of chemistry provide answers to exactly those questions that will concern humanity in the future: raw materials, environment and climate, food and nutrition, and quality of life.
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Carl-Bosch-Str. 38, Ludwigshafen, 67056, DE

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The technology offer relates to hydrophilically coated meshes and their use for separating mixtures of water and a hydrophobic liquid such as oil. The meshes allow water to pass through while the hydrophobic liquid is held back, effectively separating the two phases. These meshes are lightweight,[…]

The technology offer relates to an alternative cooling technology that uses waste heat as driving force instead of electricity to generate cold. Today,. the majority of air conditioners are compression-based machines that needs electricity as energy source. Thus, more than 10% (2100 TWh) of the g[…]

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